In order to be qualified for Medicaid, one must be both medically and financially qualified. To be medically qualified, the person must be incapable of doing three or more “Activities of daily living” (think dressing, bathing, mobility, toileting, etc.). 

Establishing financial eligibility is much more stressful. The government is going to look at 5 years of financial data and go over with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that EVERY transaction is “above board.” Mistiming the application or mistreating a single transaction can disqualify the applicant entirely.

The most important thing in the context of a Medicaid Application is getting the individual quickly qualified so that their care is paid for.  By working with an attorney, you know that the application is going to be timed correctly.  You know that if there are any questionable transactions, the attorney will be able to address them with the government.  Simply put, you know that the attorney is going to get your loved one the care they need and deserve.

Importantly, this will free you up to spend time with your family.  You shouldn’t be focused on compiling 5 years of ATM transactions, you should be emotionally available for whoever is going into the care facility.  Perhaps the greatest benefit we see is that our clients can be physically, mentally, and emotionally present for the ones they care about (rather than worrying about returning the calls of the social workers with the government).

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