Guardianships and Powers of Attorney: Free Webinar


The next topic in our free webinar series will focus on Guardianships, Powers of Attorney and “Warning Signs.”  To sign up for the webinar, please email today.  Space is limited to the first 25 people who sign up!

Mom or Dad are beginning to forget things.  Not big things, just little things.  Lights are being left on when before they would never allow electricity to be wasted (“I don’t work for the electric company!”).  Maybe some other signs are present when you look into the issue.  You want to help Mom or Dad with their bills so that they don’t fall [further] behind.  Is it too late for a power of attorney so that you can legally help them with their bills?  We will discuss when a guardianship is necessary and when a power of attorney is feasible.

Or perhaps a brother or sister is already helping Mom/Dad with their finances.  Everything seems to be taken care of, but your sibling seems to be inexplicably buying expensive gifts for themselves. Perhaps it’s nothing, perhaps Mom and Dad are footing the bill (although they don’t realize it).  We will discuss some warning signs and some ways that you can “get to the bottom” of what’s happening.

These, and other topics, will be discussed in some detail on July 23, 2015 at 7:30 PM.  Of course, no legal advice will be given and if you are seeking legal advice, you should contact our office at 732-595-1591 to set up a free consultation appointment with an attorney.  See you (electronically) on the 23rd!



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